Accommodation on a shoestring

Tent, caravan or campervan - bring your own. Comfortable caravans are also available for hire. Explore the fascinating trails in Tiveden’s ancient woodlands. Cycle on the Sweden Trail. Paddle a canoe on the watercourses in the forest.

  • Motorcycle camping - with parking for your motorbike
  • Mountain bike - secure lockup for your bicycle
  • Side-by-side cycling - for people with disabilities
  • Horse-driving - with space for your wagon and grazing
    for your horse
  • GoldenBay - play fetch with your dog in water

Day trip for the elderly and carers

The “general ecological model of aging” (Lawton). “Fascination; spontaneous appreciation of nature” (Kaplan). We offer easily accessible enjoyment of nature for the elderly.

For more information call +46 (0) 583 60160

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